Terms and Conditions of Business

We process news-type orders immediately, the rest usually from 24 to 72 hours after the end of the event.

We send orders out electronically using cloud tools. In accordance with an agreement with the client for an order we provide a free representative selection of photographs altered for immediate use on the internet.

Unless specified otherwise, photographs are provided to the client for unlimited use up to print size, A3 format. Use for printing of larger formats is not in the price of an order and the client has to agree the conditions of use directly with the photographer.

Photographs that are not expressly designated as being for advertising purposes cannot be used for such purposes, also with regard to the protection of the privacy of persons shown in the photographs. Any consent for advertising usage from persons photographed has to be arranged by the client.

By placing an order and taking the next steps at the FOTOREPO domain a client initiates a business relationship with a specific photographer, who is then responsible for the order in full and issues an invoice for the work done.

A photographer can use photographs in his portfolio or the FOTOREPO portfolio.

Both parties can withdraw from an order in the event of a significant breach of contract under Section 345 and Section 370 of the Commercial Code, primarily for the following reasons:

1) The existence of unpaid receivables from the client;

2) Incomplete assignment from the Client;

3) Impossibility of realising the order due to fault by third parties.